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BARRELS, PALETTE Pallets and pallet boxes

Industrial and hygienic pallets
PALOX pallet boxes (Bigboxes)
Collapsible pallet boxes
logistical boxes
CONNECT pallet boxes

Pallet boxes are bulky containers with pallet base. Their size allows seamless integration into standard transport systems. Load pallet box is 500 to 600 kg and can be stacked up to 4000 kg.

Pallet boxes are in terms of handling available in three versions:
• pallet bottom (two or three load),
• four legs,
• four wheels.
The variety of different types and qualities of pallet boxes are a prerequisite for its widespread use for various applications:
• perforated walls to allow better air circulation,
• smooth walls for easy cleaning,
• different types of lids prevent damage to the contents of external influences,
• material (PE or PP) resistant to acids and other chemicals,
• temperature resistant from -40 ° C to +100 ° C,
• hygienic safety material (Chief Public Health Officer Decision Nr. 4876/97-SOZO/ŠZÚ SR).