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Plastic products Bins and Cases


Suitcases as a container for tools, carrying case for workers in the office, advertising case, or as a container for product distribution. Extent of use of plastic luggage is unlimited. Plastic bags are in their low dead weight, very strong and durable. Smooth walls allow for quick and easy cleaning.

Cases can be stacked. The material is resistant to acids and other chemicals.

Accessories Plastic case:
• plastic trays, plastic tape, removable inserts of different sizes
• Locks cases, labels and barcodes,
• 4-wheel trucks (400x300, 600x400, 800x600, 1200x800 mm).

Plastic containers - SILAFIX are particularly suitable for the storage of coupling material and other small goods. They have rounded edges and roughened non-slip bottom. Quality plastic and hollow columns guarantee high load capacityand long storage life.
Plastic covers, labels, protective films, hanging rails and roller racks extending the possibility of their use.