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Plastic products Special solutions Examples in car industry

3 examples of this production series show extremely strong points used by the Daimler Chrysler AG, CTS (Car top Systems), Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. Development, prototype and series productions of made-to-measure carriers with functional details for economic logistics.

1. Component carrier with softly covered arms for sensitive folding roofs. With plenty of functions: "By - passing" movable construction for simple and economical loading and ergonomically optimal removing of the load.
2. C-column carrier with softly covered anti-skid floors for 24 car components. It serves both as an in-process store and as a handling unit at the same time. On the wheels without reloading.
3. Made-to-measure carrier for car seats. For economical employment in VOLKSWAGEN among competiton in Spain and Poland. Thanks to practical tilting mechanism you can tilt this made-to-measure carrier at the very moment and save space. This way, there will be  enough space in lorries in order to load some additional products on your way back.