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Waste boxes Waste oil tanks OLIVIA®

Olivia® collecting station is an effective alternative to the traditionary collecting centres oriented on the separated collection. It can be installed wherever thanks to its design and construction. On behalf of facilitating the collection, the station is equipped with a big funnel and a special lid that prevents the contents from atmospherical conditions. Manually openable lid is equipped with an odour filter with a possibility of locking it. Thanks to a float, it is possible to control the fluid level continuously. Safety valve equipped with an autostop mechanism prevents from overflowing the station. 

Collection station: container for separate collection of waste vegetable oil

Consists of two containers put one into another: 

External – safety 500-litre container – is formed in a shape that prevents from overturning; it is made from anti-crash PE; resistant to acids; no welding seams 
washable and dryable uniquely designed in a way that prevents from environment effects; 
air-proof chamber, removable upper lid
predestined to inserting a collecting container in it
closure equipped with a lever, latch and numeric code
diameter of the upper side 95cm, height cca 110cm
Internal – 200-litre collecting container with a closed chamber, air-proof, with a thread closure. Made from stainless steel with a removable upper lid• nepriedušné tesnenie, pákovo-pásový uzáver na tlak,
air-proof sealing
diameter 60cm, height 90cm,
float-gauge with an analog external output similar to a manometer
internal cover of the float-gauge
integrated funnel for pouring the oils in
homologated safety valve that prevents from leakage of the content in case of overfilling or overturning